Urbani Aura Features

+ L270L275mm x W190mm
+ Sit-bone Width: 70 - 170mm
+ Center Cutout
+ Silicone Gel Pad
+ ArcFlex+ Rail Support
+ Steel Rail
+ 535g

Urbani Aura
For individuals who ride with their body in more upright positions, the Urbani's wider rear zone with additional padding, coupled with ArcFlex Plus, provide exceptional support and energy absorption while seated. Urbani Aura adds center cutout for added relief to surrounding soft tissues.


Shock absorbent elastomer layer added to the base of ArcFlex rail receptacles for an extra level of comfort.


All "Aura" models offer a cut-out in the center for ventilation and provides added relief to surrounding soft tissues.


Unlike conventional saddles with glued or stapled covers, Injection Molded saddle covers are fused (molded) with the padding, onto the saddle base for enhanced protection against rips and tears.