binary 40C


+ Smooth Center
+ Dual Ridge Transition Tread
+ Synergy Dual Compound
+ 60 TPI Casing
+ Folding Bead
+ 440g


An all-road tire with an extra edge – literally. Nothing rolls more efficiently on hard surfaces than a smooth center tread, but where sudden washouts hamper many dual purpose “combination-tread” tires during aggressive cornering on hard surfaces, the Binary features two rows of elongated ridge knobs positioned off-center for transitional cornering grip that minimize cornering washouts. When the adventure goes off-road, the elongated ridges turn into a set of knobs that stabilizes the tread on loose terrains, keeping the tire rolling where it’s pointed.

The unique detail making a difference

Elongated ridge knobs flanking the smooth center tread serves
specialized functions depending on the riding surface

Side knobs, useful for digging into looser terrains during off-road cornering, is a hindrance on road surfaces at the higher lean angles where instead of digging, the knobs break cornering traction by abruptly “lifting” the tread up, potentially leading to cornering washouts. The unique shaping of the elongated ridges provides steadier cornering grip at higher lean angles, with positioning that bridges the abruptness between the two distinct tread zones to limit washing out on corners.


When the riding surface gets looser, and with more irregularities, the elongated ridge knobs shift from bridging to stabilizing by transforming into a pair of “mini rudders” to keep the tread from slipping & sliding around over looser terrains. Additionally, the ridge knobs serve as an extra cornering edge over shallower lean angles, with the outer side knobs grabbing during high lean angle cornering.

Roll smoothly and corner confidently on and off the road with the innovative Binary multi-surface performance tire.