Pax Aura Features

+ L275mm x W220mm
+ Sit-bone Width: 70 - 200mm
+ Center Cutout
+ Silicone Gel Pad
+ Elastomer Shock Absorber
+ Steel Rail
+ Black
+ 744g

Pax Aura
Similar in concept to the Urbani saddle, but a couple notches up on the comfort level, the Pax incorporates an even wider rear zone with elastomers that offer further suspension between the saddle and its rail. Like all other "Aura" models, Pax Aura adds center cutout for added relief to surrounding soft tissues.


Elastomer suspension spring incorporated into the rear rail receptacles for maximum shock absorption.


All "Aura" models offer a cut-out in the center for ventilation and provides added relief to surrounding soft tissues.


Unlike conventional saddles with glued or stapled covers, Injection Molded saddle covers are fused (molded) with the padding, onto the saddle base for enhanced protection against rips and tears.