+ Anatomy of powerblock


Front Specific Race
+ Cylex 120 TPI Superlight Casing
+ UTC Rubber Compound
+ Folding Bead
+ 20 x 1.85   10.41oz:   295g


Front Specific Race
+ 60 TPI Casing
+ UTC Rubber
+ Steel Bead
+ 20 x 1.85   12.17oz:   345g

powerbAND s-spec is THE FASTEST FRONT RACE-TIRE in the world.

When races are won by a fraction of a second, reducing weight and drag without disrupting other functions can be the difference between first, and well, not first. The PowerBand S-Spec is a no compromise tire designed specifically to reduce drag and save weight up front. Ultra lightweight sidewall matched to low profile “speed strip” tread makes this the absolute lightest (and in our opinion, the fastest) front specific race tire in the world.


For those willing to give up some weight advantage for increased durability, the standard PowerBand is the perfect choice. Just like the PowerBand S-Spec but wrapped in thicker, tougher sidewall with steel bead, the standard PowerBand is second only to the S-Spec in weight, and shares the same ultra low rolling resistant tread pattern.


Center Row

“Power Blocks” are precisely sized to balance traction with low rolling resistance.

Sidewall Feature

Specially designed texture pattern, strategically applied to the sidewall adds abrasion protection without sacrificing casing suppleness.