+ Center Gap with Dual-Cornering Edges
+ MAGNUM 120 TPI or FlexGuard 60 TPI CASSINGS
+ Synergy Dual Compound or Synergy High Grip Rubber
+ Tubeless Ready
+ Folding Bead
+ 29" - 980g; 27.5 - 930g
+ Optimized for 30 - 35mm I.D. Rims


The Edge 22 upends convention with an open center design that adds accessible cornering edges closer to the center of the tread for instant cornering grip when turning. As lean angle increases, with the center edges remaining engaged with the terrain, the outer row knobs kick in, doubling the cornering edge engagement to hold the cornering line in ways that tires with a single row cornering knobs can’t match.

What’s unique

Instantaneous cornering grip: center knobs are realigned to create the spacing necessary for a set of cornering edges in the central tread zone, allowing the edges to dig into the terrain immediately when leaning into corners.

Dual cornering edge engagement: with the central set of cornering edges remaining locked in with the terrain, lean further, and the outer knobs kick in to add an extra set of cornering edges digging into the terrain simultaneously.

How EDGE-22 Achieves Dual-Edge Engagement:

illustrations below

Highlight the EDGE-22’s inner edge engagement over varying lean angles: The oval over the tread represents the tire’s contact patch

With open center spacing

Two sets of cornering edges are engaged simultaneously (shown in 3 & 4) for cornering grip during the crucial range of lean angles. The EDGE-22 retains the familiar outer row knob arrangement, with sufficient spacing for the outer cornering edges to dig into the terrain during high lean angle cornering.

It’s OK to be brake happy

The shape and positioning of the EDGE-22 knobs provide plenty of stopping power to reign in control. The two rows of central knobs are strategically positioned well within the perimeter of the tire’s contact patch so plenty of accessible braking edges are available to slow things down. Additionally, while the leading edge ramp on each knob enhances rolling smoothness, during braking, the ramping shifts to reinforce each knob, preventing each knob from buckling under load for precise and reliable braking performance. Combined, the EDGE-22 makes no compromise when braking.

The RED represents accessible braking edges of all knobs inside the contact patch:

The Construction

EDGE-22 comes in two varieties:


The All-Around utilizes Tioga’s MAGNUM 120 casing, a densely woven 120TPI casing reinforced with a thin bead-to-bead protection layer that finely balances durability with casing suppleness. Wrapping around the casing is the Synergy Dual Compound rubber, laid side-by-side, with softer rubber applied to the outer row knobs for increasing cornering friction when leaned over.

High Grip

comes with a more robust FLEXGUARD 60 casing made using thicker gauge 60TPI nylon cords, with further sidewall reinforcement layer that better retains sidewall rigidity in higher speed and higher lean angle cornering. Rubber is an all-new Synergy High Grip dual-layer rubber compound. A hard base rubber is applied to better retain the knob’s structural integrity, minimizing knob squirm when under high load. The base layer is then capped with a softer and stickier rubber, overlaid with variable thickness to maximize surface friction at every contact point.

High Grip