Spyder Twintail

Utilizing Tioga’s SpyderWeb technology, placing strategic cutouts in the shell for shock absorbing flex, the Spyder Twin-Tail enhances on-the-saddle performance by incorporating a split rear design to provide better independent left/right side movement. RECOMMENDED FOR ROAD USE.

Spyder Twintail
Application: Road
Flex Level: Medium
the flexibility of the shell and other structural members have greater impact on the overall comfort of the riding experience than the pad. The SPYDERWEB shell allows us to save weight by eliminating the pad while still allowing greater overall comfort compared to most racing saddles.
Material: Carbonite Composite
Construction: SpyderWeb Technology
(Patent Pend.)
Rails: Hollow Composite Rail
Weight: 145g
Size: L: 285mm x W: 130mm
Colors: Black, White
Anti-Slip Pad: Silicone pads
(included with the saddle) add extra cushioning and also helps keeping you seated on the saddle's sweet spots.