Spyder Outland

Plushness You Can Feel

Float over rough terrains seated on a flexile web cover that continually absorbs shock, keeping you suspended. An ingenious silicone anti-slip pad (removable) minimizes sliding to keep you seated on the sweet spots. The extraordinary Spyder Outland is performance and comfort in 180g.

Spyder Outland
Application: MTB
Flex Level: High
Maximum shock absorption for aggressive off-road application.
Material: DualTech Carbonite
A proprietary, dual-density impact resistant composite material.
soft where you want it, stiff where you need it.
Open frame with underside structural braces designed to control the rate and level of saddle compression (limits excessive sag). The frame is seamlessly fused together with a more pliable, flexile web cover. The Spyder Stratum meets all EN Safety Standards for saddles.
Rails: Hollow Chromoly
Weight: 180g (without Anti-Slip Pads)
Size: L: 285mm x W: 125mm
Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Green
Anti-Slip Pad: Silicone pads
(included with the saddle) add extra cushioning and also helps keeping you seated on the saddle's sweet spots.